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Once you leave One Drop Ink, your tattoo artist is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any infections or problems you may have with your tattoo, especially if you do not take proper care of it. It is VERY important that you follow these guidelines.
Your artist took care to cover your tattoo for a good reason – to keep air borne bacteria from invading your open skin, it is still a wound. Open flesh is a breeding ground for bacteria and infection.
In the first 24 hours, there may be a build up of plasma under the SecondSkin™. This is completely normal. If so, just leave it on, or, if leaking, place a paper towel near the bottom edge and carefully push out excess plasma. Leave it on for an additional three to five days.
You can shower with the bandage on but please be careful and do not allow water to get under the edge of the bandage. Once you remove the SecondSkin™ bandage keep your tattoo clean and start using our Black Honey Tattoo Aftercare or Unscented lotion 2-3 times a day.
Removal of SecondSkin™
1. Peel up an edge or corner of SecondSkin. If this proves difficult, you can attach medical tape to the corner of the film to help lift it.
2. Slowly pull the film off. Do not pull it straight up away from the skin. Instead, pull the film back and across the skin while holding your skin taut.
3. Doing this while in the shower can help ease the process.
Once you’ve removed the bandage, wash gently with soap and water removing all plasma and residue with your clean hand. Pat it dry with a paper towel and apply Black Honey Tattoo aftercare.
You may experience some redness around the tattoo where SecondSkin was applied to the un-tattooed skin. This is also completely normal and may occur with any type of medical adhesive. If you do develop an adverse reaction on the tattoo, discontinue use immediately.
Do not scratch, soak or pick at your tattoo. Tattoo should be fully healed in 2-3 weeks, sometimes more. After healing use sunscreen to protect your ink whenever in the sun. Please don’t forget to come back and let us get a healed photo. Don’t forget to contact us with any questions or concerns.
This is a wonderful product for cuts and scrapes, but not for tattoos. Some can have an allergic reaction to Neosporin which causes little red bumps. When the bumps go away, so does the ink, and you have a polka dotted tattoo!
Yes, you can (and definitely should) shower with a new tattoo. It’s OK to get the tattoo wet, just do not soak it. Submerging your tattoo in a bath, hot tub, pool or the like can cause serious damage to your tattoo and possibly cause an infection! Water that you sit in contains bacteria and germs that will enter your body through a new tattoo as it is open skin. Running water is not bad for a tattoo, it just rolls right off, that is why showers are A-OK! These things needs to be avoided for at least 2 weeks or until the tattoo is completely healed.
 Your tattoo may start itching and peeling and looking pretty ugly. All tattoos go through the “ugly stage”, it’s a part of the natural healing process. It’s your body’s way of shedding the damaged skin cells and pushing new ones to the top.
Pat it lightly if it itches and apply Black Honey aftercare or unscented lotion. Make sure to rub it in well.
It’s imperative that you leave it alone and let your body naturally shed this. Simply apply the lotion as directed. Picking it may pull skin that is not finished healing off and damage your tattoo.