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One Drop Ink Friday The 13th Tattoo and Piercing Special

This Friday is Friday the 13th, and you know what that means, One Drop Ink will be having a Friday the 13th Tattoo and Piercing Special. For many, Friday the 13th has been a tradition and this year will be nothing less. We will have tons of designs to choose from including iconic unlucky imagery of black cats, Jason masks, and 13’s in ways you’ve never seen before. If you’ve been into One Drop Ink before on a Friday the 13th you have always known us to have a wide range of unique imagery and this year we’ll be upping the ante with large unique designs done by our artist Dee Conaway @pixxillatted that are only $130 with full color or shading. You won’t want to miss getting in on these custom pieces by one of One Drop Ink’s finest artists.

Tattoos Start at $31

The flash sheets for our Friday the 13th Special will be posted in the shop where you can view our wide range of designs. Only tattoos on the flash sheets will be a part of the special and start at just $31. If you want to ad color or make the design larger than what is displayed, an additional charge will be added to the price of the tattoo, depending on size difference and the number of colors put into the design. Certain locations on the body will also require additional cost, including the neck or face, hands, ribs, buttocks and private areas, and of course the feet, especially if they stink. Additional up charges for these areas will be posted in the shop and or agreed upon between the artist and customer. Designs will not be changed unless agreed upon by the artist.

Don’t forget your Black Honey Tattoo Aftercare with your tattoo. Just because you like unlucky tattoos doesn’t mean you want to be unlucky in the healing process. Keep your devilish Friday the 13th tattoo moisturized properly through the healing process with our one of a kind aftercare, designed by Elisheba Israel Mrozik, and personally recommended by all of our artists and innumerable clients as the best thing around to help your tattoo through the healing process. Preserve your ink and ask your cashier for some Black Honey!

Nose and Belly Piercings are only $13 plus a $7 Tip to your piercer, regular pricing is $30!

And how could we leave out piercings. Some of your most favorite piercings will also be a part of the special. Nose piercings, which are normally priced at $30 will be only $13 plus a gratuity tip to your piercer of $7, a fraction of our already low prices. And just in time for summer, belly piercings will also only be $13 plus a gratuity tip to your piercer of $7. With deals this low don’t be surprised if you see these sell out quick. And when you’re checking out, don’t forget to ad your piercing aftercare, Dr. Pierce for the belly and Nasal Saline spray for the nose, both are only $5 each