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Celtic and British History Tattoos

World History Tattoo Series by Ol Skool Mike

After having another in depth discussion with Ol Skool at One Drop ink about tattoos, history, and personal identity the thought came to us, what if we did a series of tattoos that brought all of those things together. With a little imagination and a look at the calendar, we thought, what if you, Ol Skool, did a series on Celtic tattoos in time for St. Patrick’s day? Of course, it excited us all and Ol Skool really liked the idea because it combined his passion for history with his love for tattoos and desire to expand his portfolio. But, we were in the middle of our Black History Month special, which is an all immersive thing for our artists and shop, so we had to put the idea on the back burner so we could stay focused on the project and history we were celebrating then.

As we came into March, we picked back up on the idea of Ol Skool doing a Celtic tattoo special but with the immersive effect of Black History Month, we had an even better idea; let’s bring the vigor and excitement we just had during Black History Month to this whole idea, month after month, and region after region. Thus, the idea for a month by month World History Tattoo Special came to be. Ol Skool could barely contain his excitement as we brainstormed of all the places we could go with this, right here at our tattoo shop in Nashville, providing great tattoos for people wanting to celebrate their heritage, history, and identity, month after month.

Ol Skool has already started delving into Celtic myths and historical figures of the British Isles and can’t wait to hear what your ideas are for your custom designed tattoo. While it would be easy to make up some pre made flash designs, Ol Skool specifically requested that it be based on custom designs made from your ideas, your stories, your history. While custom tattoo designs can often be large and sometimes higher priced, we were so excited as a shop that we decided that we we’re going to give 25% off of larger designs to encourage people to get that awesome heritage based tattoo that they always wanted. It’s your history and we want you to celebrate it.

So come on in to the shop at 1106 Ed Temple Blvd to sit down with Ol Skool and discuss your history, your people, and what’s important to you to remember about them. Consultations start this week and we will be celebrating Celtic and British Isle history all month long. Consultations are free and you can schedule them through our contact us submission form on the website.

What would you get for your Celtic history tattoo?