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One Drop Ink Tattoo Parlour and Gallery


is a Fine Body Art establishment located across from the historic Tennessee State University. We specialize in all styles of tattooing with an award winning artist for every need! We also specialize in all skin types and tones from the darkest brown to the lightest white.

We will give you the best ink for your skin type. We have been providing quality award winning tattoos since 2011.

We also offer all piercings including: nose, ears, septum, tragus, belly, lip, labret, tongue, nipples, industrial, cartilage, eyebrow, dermals, vhc and more!

  • Must be 18 years or older for tattoos at One Drop Ink (TN State Law).
  • Minors wanting a piercing must bring a parent or legal guardian, their photo ID, the minor’s photo ID and birth certificate.
  • Must have a valid photo ID
  • Piercings start at $30
  • $60 Shop Minimum.
  • Tattoo’s under $100 require amount paid IN-FULL for Deposit to reserve appointment time.
  • Tattoo’s over $100 require $100 Deposit to reserve appointment time.
  • Deposits are applied to the price of the tattoo.
  • Must sign Deposit Policy Agreement to set an appointment.



Veronica Batey
Customer FOR LIFE!! Elisheba is not only a consummate professional, but an amazing artist. There are too many people in the tattoo game that are absolutely HORRIBLE, this shop however, is definitely not one of them. The quality of your tattoo and the service you will receive are impeccable! She uses perfect coloring based on each individual's skin tone and she has a personal consultation with each client. If you're going to have a piece of body art for life, why not go with the best?!?!!!
D Claudia Davis
Went last night with my homie and I must say that I am completely satisfied with my work. The place was clean and the staff was very professional. The atmosphere was great, lots of laughter in the air, music blastin' and the vibe was right. I felt comfortable and connected with my artist T-bone which is a MUST. Overall, my experience was AmaZiNg. T-bone is the man. He takes pride in his work and did everything that needed to be done to make sure i/we were satisfied he also has a great sense of humor. I think I've found my home! Will be a regular customer. Highly recommend!
Tonya Spence Overton
One of the best tattoo artists ever... I was told that my tat was too dark to cover, but T BONE was able to not only cover up my existing tat, but he drew an awesome tat to replace what i covered up. Thanks for your professional advice and friendly service. I will be back for another tat. Thanks T-BONE I'm loving my new ink!
Lite Brite
I have been to many tattoo shops and none compare to this one. Everyone is friendly and professional, the music selection creates a great ambiance. I never had a tattoo artist sit down with me and ask me what I wanted the way these artist do. None of my tattoos from here can be created by anyone else as they are uniquely created and mine!If you are looking for art this is the place, no google copy and pasting at this shop!!
Jenny Feakes
Gotten both ink and metal done here, and very pleased with both! Crew is laid back but professional and all very talented, and the shop is very clean and full of gorgeous artwork. I have more tattoos planned and I absolutely intend to return to One Drop Ink to get them done!
Tammy Josh Payne
I found One Drop Ink online and was blown away by the reviews. I decided to give them a try last night for a tattoo that I had on my mine. I was welcomed by Joe and explained to him what I wanted. He took my idea and was able to create exactly what I wanted. It was perfect. I highly recommend One Drop Ink. Everyone is great here and I will be going back soon.